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Welcome to the Irish Association for Infant Mental Health (I-AIMH)!


Affiliated with the World Association for Infant Mental Health, I-AIMH is a non profit national organisation of professionals from a range of disciplines, who work with infants, toddlers and their families. I-AIMH’s mission is to raise awareness about the social and emotional development of babies and toddlers and the importance of early caregiving relationships including the role of families, community and culture. It also supports education, training, research, clinical practice and policy development in the area of infant mental health.

Infant mental health is an important, exciting and rapidly developing interdisciplinary field. Compelling research is now available to demonstrate that infancy is a critical period for psycho-social development and that positive experiences within baby’s first years of life can have lasting benefits across the lifespan.

Promoting early social and emotional development in babies and toddlers has a powerful impact on the establishment of healthy and secure attachment relationships. It also acts as significant protection against the development of childhood difficulties including emotional, social and behavioural issues and the impact of these adverse issues on later development.

Irish Association for Infant Mental Health clg         Charity (Auth) No: 19200  

Company Reg: 538019    

Directors: Marie McSweeney, Ella Lovett, Audrey Lonergan